Complete Overview of All On X Dental Implants

All On X Dental Implants

After their discovery in 1978, dental implants have revolutionized dental treatments. With time, the size, structure, and procedure of dental implants have also advanced. A dental implant is the perfect fixed alternative to natural teeth. However, the advancements led to all on x dental implants in which multiple implants can simultaneously replace damaged or missing teeth in the jaw. 

Let’s get into the details of it.

What Are All On X Dental Implants?

All-on X dental implants are one of the recent advancements in dental science in which 4 to 6 implants can be strategically placed in each arch. All on x dental implants are unlike the conventional one-stage or two-stage implants, where each implant must be established separately to replace the missing tooth. 

This is especially favorable for edentulous patients(patients who lack all the teeth in their mouth) as they can regain their bright smiles in one appointment. This process is the least invasive, cost-effective, and helps restore self-confidence. 

What is the Procedure for All On X Dental Implants?

Let’s go through one process at a time to understand the procedure for all on x dental implants. 

  • Clinical history and evaluation(oral health, medical history) is the first step in the procedure. A team of professional Implantologists and expert dentists usually does it. This step helps determine whether the patient is the right candidate for all on x dental implants. 
  • Secondly, digital imaging via X-rays, OPG, and CBCT is completed. CBCT is one of the most accurate preoperative investigations which has a wide range of doses, with the lowest dose of radiation being 100 times less than the highest one. This step gives a fair idea about the patient’s density, arch shape, size, condition of the jaw, and amount of resorbed bone. 
  • Once all the pre-procedural investigations have been completed, the day of surgery is decided. 
  • To numb and to ensure a painless procedure, anesthesia is administered.
  • Placing implants in a sequence in the all-on x dental implants is essential. About two or more implants are placed on the front of the arch, and some are angled on the posterior side. Why are all the implants not placed side to side? They are not placed side to side to gain maximum support from the underlying bony structure and to keep any bone grafting procedures at bay for the patient’s convenience.
  • The next step is the temporary attachment of prosthetic teeth. This allows the osseointegration to bind the implant with the jawbone firmly. 
  • Once the healing is complete, the prosthetic teeth are replaced with permanent teeth arch, which complements the complexion and contours of the patient. This final step is usually performed after several months. The rate at which healing proceeds varies from patient to patient. 

What Are the Benefits Of All of X Dental Implants?

All dental implants have various benefits and advantages over other prosthetic options like dentures and conventional implants.

Similar to Natural Teeth

The all-on x dental implants, if appropriately done, resemble natural dentition. It is difficult to differentiate between the natural teeth and all on x dental implants. The prosthetic teeth’ color, shade, and shape match the patient’s realistic outlook and are decided with the patient’s consent.

Restoration of Oral Functions

The functions of mastication, aesthetics, and speech are restored conveniently. All on x dental implants enable the patient to eat a wide range of foods like before. The patient can resume a healthy and nutritious diet without much difficulty. 


Patients do not feel complex as these teeth resemble natural teeth. Unlike the dentures, which can be removed, they are fixed in the jaw. The restored smile of the patient gives his self-esteem a significant boost.

Time Effective

This is a significant advantage of all on-x implants over conventional implants. These are not time exhaustive. Once the surgery is done, with initial temporary teeth, the oral functions can be resumed. Patients do not have to bear multiple visits to the dental setup.

Painless Procedure

All-on x dental implant procedure is a painless one. Adequate anesthesia is given to the patient during the procedure to make it comfortable for the patient. Some patients may experience post-operative pain for a few days. However, it can be dealt with after consultation with the dentist. 

Budget Friendly

How much do all on x implants cost? All-on-x dental implants cost relatively more than other dental treatments. However, considering various factors, as it takes minimum time, durability, and longevity, it is worth it and compensates for the cost. Moreover, if some damage occurs, their repair is relatively inexpensive.


The all-on-x dental implants are both time-effective and stable. Their fabrication and quality make them long-lasting. Proper care and oral hygiene on x dental implants can last long. 

What To Expect After the Procedure?

After the procedure, the patient may experience:

  • Swelling. The application of an ice pack can deal with this swelling.
  • Overall, the procedure is painless. However, post-operative pain may be experienced, which can be dealt with with analgesics. 
  • Minor bleeding in rare instances. This may happen when the length of the implant is more than 15mm and it may rupture the sublingual artery. However, this bleeding can be managed promptly.

To avoid any complications and for a smooth recovery, the dentist must follow the post-operative instructions(including analgesics and antibiotics).

Maintenance of All X Dental Implants

Brushing twice a day and flossing after every meal should be a habit of every person, whether they have natural teeth, implants, or dentures. Flossing keeps the interdental surfaces of teeth clean and prevents plaque accumulation. 

In addition, the patient with all on x dental implants needs to visit the dentist on a follow-up appointment and not miss any appointments. The dentist will examine the implants, view new digital images, and evaluate the bone level and extent of resorption or deposition. If any maintenance procedures need to be performed, they will be done on time to prevent more significant damage. 

To sum it up, all-on x dental implants are a perfect treatment for edentulous patients. It is a budget-friendly, time-effective, and durable replacement for natural teeth. The patient does not have to bear the treatment separately for every missing tooth; instead, all the missing teeth are strategically replaced in a single process. 

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