What Causes Bump On The Roof Of Mouth | Symptoms | Treatments

What Causes Bump On The Roof Of Mouth | Symptoms | Treatments

Have you ever experienced an uncomfortable sensation on the roof of your mouth, leaving you wondering about its cause? Does the unexpected presence of an irritating bump on the roof of mouth, raise concerns about your oral health? The peculiar discomfort may not be a common occurrence, but when it does occur, it can cause worry about what might be unfolding in your mouth. 

This article will help you find out what these bumps on the roof of your mouth are all about. You will find the signs to look out for and the treatment to get rid of these bumps. So, don’t worry and read on to find out what exactly is happening in your mouth. 

Causes of Bump On Roof Of Mouth

Having a bump on the roof of mouth can be caused by many reasons. There is no single cause, and only through identifying your exact symptoms and other factors will you be able to know the actual condition that leads to such bumps. It might seem confusing, but checking the different causes will give you a clear understanding of just what is behind the irregularity in your mouth.

Torus Palatinus

Torus Palatinus is referred to as a hard bump on the roof of mouth, which is said to be a bony growth that continues to increase in size slowly, often being influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. It is more common in adults over 30, especially in women of Korean and Asian backgrounds. However, around 20 to 35% of Americans also experience this condition. 


The most common signs of Torus Palatinus are:

  • You will have a hard lump on the midline of the hard palate. 
  • Have difficulty in eating and drinking – food materials might lodge themselves in that particular growth area. 
  • If the bump is very big in size, you will have some speech issues. 
  • Dental appliances, especially mouthguards and retainers, will not be able to fit in.


Although this might feel irritating, your dentist will not recommend any major treatment unless it disturbs your normal functions, such as eating. If the condition is not manageable, you will be advised to surgically remove that lump, which is done by orthodontists with a local anesthetic. 

Canker Sores

Canker sore, also known as an Aphthous ulcer, can be described as a white bump on the roof of mouth. These sores are characterized by their round or oval shape, typically having a white or yellowish center with a red border. 

While about 25 percent of the world population experiences cancer sores, the more complicated ones that require treatment are very rare. Most of these little roof sores tend to heal on their own without requiring much attention. 


The following signs will help you identify if the bump on the roof of mouth is a canker sore:

  • A canker sore is typically a small size lump that is round in shape.
  • You will feel a painful stinging sensation accompanied by burning in that area. 
  • Eating will be difficult if it is a serious sore.


These canker sores, a bump on the roof of mouth, are caused by hormonal situations, gastric acidity, or a minor trauma. Your dentist will recommend pain medicines, soothing gels, and mouthwash to help reduce the sores.


A mucocele is a soft, small bump on the roof of mouth that is commonly classified as a fluid-filled cyst. It forms when a small salivary gland duct gets blocked or injured, leading to a collection of saliva, thus forming a bump on the roof of mouth. 

Mucoceles happens in about 2 to 3 people out of every 1,000, and most of the time, it shows up in people aged 3 to 20 years old. 


  • The bump on the roof of mouth will be soft and clear or bluish. 
  • Although it is irritating, it will not cause you any pain. 
  • These bumps sometimes burst on their own.
  • If you have a large bump that is soft and filled with fluid, you might encounter speech and eating problems. 


If this condition disturbs your daily routine, you should get it checked out by a dentist. An ultrasound or CT scan will help the orthodontists identify the size and exact position of the bump on the roof of mouth. A laser treatment or minor surgery is the treatment plan to get rid of this bothersome lump.


Infections can cause a pimple at the roof of mouth through different microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. This usually happens when your oral health is not maintained or if you intake contaminated food or drinks. The infection then grows rapidly, causing bump on the roof of mouth and trapping dead skin, which take the shape of pimples. 

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There are many signs that give signals to a developed infection:

  • Infections can be quite painful as the pimples, especially on the roof of the mouth, are sensitive. 
  • You might have a high fever, which indicates that the infection is severe. 
  • The bump on the roof of mouth will be yellow pus-filled with a clear or cloudy fluid. 
  • If you do have an infection, you will have a very bad breath. 


Depending on what type of infection has caused the pimples to form as bump on the roof of mouth, dentists will prescribe antibiotics or antifungal medicines. Topical medication and mouthwash will also reduce these types of infections.

Oral Cancer

One of the major concerns for anyone who is experiencing the formation of bump on the roof of mouth is if it is oral cancer. Oral cancer contributes to a total of 2.8% of all types of cancer cases. 


An oral cancer diagnosis is usually done by a biopsy, but some clear indicators can make you aware of this disease:

  • If you feel pain while chewing, you might have oral cancer. 
  • Red or white patches form on your throat and inside of your mouth. 
  • Blood is coming from within your mouth without any reason. 
  • Weight loss is also a sign of oral cancer.


Many treatment options are available for oral cancer. Apart from tumor removal and glossectomy, you can go for chemotherapy or targeted therapy, which is quite successful for early-stage oral cancer patients.

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