What are Canted Teeth? 3 Possible Fixes for it

What are Canted Teeth? 3 Possible Fixes for it

What does your smile look like when you see yourself in the mirror? Is it even or uneven? Your smile is one of the most prominent features on your face. It displays your teeth. Some people possess perfectly even teeth, while others may have tilted or canted teeth. Let’s explore more about canted teeth and how to fix them.

What Are Canted Teeth?

Canted teeth are slightly slanted and tilted teeth. Your smile looks fine and symmetrical, but when you view it closely, you may see that your teeth are slightly offset to either the right or left of the midline. Ideally, the midline passing through the center of the teeth should match the one passing through the center of the face(lips, gums, nose).

However, in the case of canted teeth, these lines do not meet, and teeth are tilted. It’s important to note that canted teeth are generally healthy. However, patients usually have aesthetic concerns. In rare instances, canted teeth can interfere with the eruption of permanent teeth.

Do I Have a Canted Smile?

You may or may not have a canted smile. There is a simple trick that you can perform at home to know whether you have a canted smile or not. Take an ice cream stick or a tongue depressor from the nearest pharmacy. Bite down on the stick. If your front teeth appear slanted or tilted with respect to the stick, then you may have canted teeth.

However, seeing a dental expert near you is best to clear your doubts and for an accurate diagnosis. 

What are the causes of a canted Tooth and a canted smile?

Canted teeth may have various causes. Canted teeth don’t need to be a result of one reason. They can be a cumulative result of different factors. A few of these causes are mentioned below.

Uneven Jaw

Bone loss can result in an uneven jaw. A malpositioned jaw can result in overbite or crossbite in which the patient cannot close his mouth correctly. As a result of this, teeth appear tilted. 

Teeth Alignment

The teeth of every patient don’t need to be aligned and top-notch. Teeth can be crowded, tilted, slanted, crooked, or chipped. At times, people even have teeth of varied lengths. Some have short teeth, often known as microdontia. Others have comparatively longer teeth, known as macrodontia. 

Uneven Gums

The smile of a baby shows more gums than a grown child or adult. As you age, the level of gums reduces minutely. This recession is even. However, if the gums recede in an uneven manner, the associated teeth become tilted. 

Asymmetrical Lips

Some patients may have lips that are pulled higher when they smile. This is due to a difference in the action of muscles responsible for smiling. Such a condition can also result in a canted smile. Luckily, many patients consider it a unique factor, not an unaesthetic one. This rarely interferes with regular oral functions.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is also known as bruxism. Many patients grind their teeth while sleeping when they’re anxious or angry. This habit results in tooth wear. Therefore, teeth grinding can also result in canted teeth.


Canted teeth may also result from trauma. These patients have regular and aligned teeth before a fall, blow to the mouth, or trauma. The force of trauma tends to tilt and slant the teeth.

What is the Treatment For Canted Teeth?

The exact treatment of your canted teeth depends upon the cause. When you visit the dental clinic, the dentist will evaluate and assess your teeth and pinpoint the probable cause. A treatment plan is formulated per the patient’s needs after identifying the cause. 

Orthodontic Treatment

The dentist may opt for orthodontic treatment if the cant is due to misalignment of teeth. Orthodontic treatment is usually preferred when the patient has esthetic concerns. We can opt for:

  • Metallic braces or conventional braces – A metal write is attached to the teeth along with brackets for correction. These braces are a good choice when the tilt or cant in the teeth is severe. 
  • Clear aligners – Invisalign – Clear aligners are removable appliances that correct minute or moderate tilting or slanting of teeth. These are easy and convenient to use.
  • Extrusion or intrusion of teeth 


Surgery is considered when there is an underlying skeletal issue. In addition to that, surgery may be an option when orthodontic or restorative treatments can not restore the cant. It helps eliminate any factors that interfere with the teeth’s normal functioning. 

Aesthetic Solutions

Aesthetic solutions help to cover up canted teeth. The dentist may give you the following options:


Veneers are thin films of a durable and esthetic material placed on the tooth. The natural tooth structure is slightly shaved to make space for veneers. These veneers match the ideal orientation of teeth according to the gums and lips. 

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is similar to filling. The tooth’s surface is roughed up, a dental adhesive is applied, and then the restorative material is applied. This procedure corrects chipped teeth. Moreover, you can opt for cosmetic bonding if your teeth are short. 


You can also opt for a crown after consultation with the dentist. Crowns effectively restore oral functions and the esthetic appeal. 

Gummy Smile Correction

Sometimes, the increased display of gums can also cause a canty and uneven smile. If the gummy smile affects your self-confidence, you can correct it. It is usually done by dental experts who surgically remove the excessive gum tissue.


This article addresses your concerns regarding canted teeth and their possible treatments. Treating your canted teeth if they interfere with regular oral functions is recommended. However, if there is a mild deviation in the midline, you can accept it as a unique feature, just like Tom Cruise did!

For the right, budget-friendly functional or esthetic treatment for your teeth, book your consultation today with the dental experts in Montclair, NJ, at Dr. Arthur Yeh & Associates. Our dentists in Montclair, NJ, will give you the best treatment options for your canted teeth.

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