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Dental Bridges in Montclair, NJ

Your teeth have more to do than giving you a picture-perfect smile. Your 16 pairs of teeth work to chew and cut the food. Certain other teeth help to speak and maintain the proper alignment of your dentures. However, most people lose a tooth once they reach adulthood due to metabolic deficiency, age, or decay. Having a missing tooth can shatter your smile, which leads to lower self-confidence. That’s why at Dr. Yeh and Associates, we understand the importance of a smile and tend to make it better by providing the best dental bridges in Montclair, NJ.

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Are Dental Bridges an Affordable Solution for Tooth Loss?

Missing teeth negatively impact your physical appearance and dental health. Additionally, missing teeth can cause bad breath and diminished oral health. Your two sets of teeth function together while eating to speaking. Thereby, tooth loss can bring misery to your life.

The permanent solution to get rid of tooth loss is by replacing it with fixed bridges to treat your poor dental health.

What are Dental Bridges?

A bridge is a dental cosmetic device that replaces lost teeth by attaching an artificial tooth to adjacent natural teeth (abutment teeth). Dental bridges tend to adhere permanently to your teeth. There are two ways to apply fixed bridges, it includes:

  • Placing dental crowns on the natural (abutment) teeth
  • Bonding the artificial teeth to the abutment teeth

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What’s the Procedure for Dental Bridges in Montclair, NJ?

It takes only two or three appointments to get done with your teeth bridge attachment procedure. On your first appointment, our team works on refining the tooth gap by removing a portion of the abutment’s teeth enamel on either side.

The dental bridge has to be crafted to fit perfectly over your tooth gap. That’s why our dental team takes multiple impressions of the adjacent teeth. The impressions will then send to our trusted dental laboratory, where the construction of a fixed bridge takes place.

Once we get our hands on ready-to-use dental bridges, we cement the bridge to the natural teeth next to the gap created by tooth loss. The next time, our dental health professional fixes dental crowns over the natural teeth to provide additional support to the fixed bridges.

Lastly, a pontic (false tooth) takes over the tooth gap to fix your smile once and for all. The results will leave you astonished. 

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The average cost of a Porcelain fixed bridges in NJ varies between $500 to $1500. Overall, the cost of a dental bridge may vary according to your dental condition and the type of dental bridge you’re opting for.

The average lifespan of a dental bridge may vary between 5 to 15 years. However, with proper maintenance and a dental hygiene routine, you can elevate the lifespan of your fixed bridges.

The longstanding dental bridges tend to cover three to four missing teeth. In some cases, a dental bridge can go up to six teeth. However, long-span dental bridges are more likely to be less stable due to their complicated bridgework.

Getting a cavity under a bridge might cause damage to your abutment (natural) teeth and result in tooth decay. Also, an untreated cavity attracts gum diseases to attack your oral cavity, which leads to a loosened dental bridge.

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  • Tooth decay hurts your teeth, gums, and other oral organs. That’s why wearing a dental bridge tends to elevate oral health and gives you the perfect alignment smile that you’re craving.

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