Dental Implants vs Bridge | Which One to Choose and Why?

Dental Implants vs Bridge | Which One to Choose and Why?

Tooth loss and instability have become common dental issues. In the United States, 15 million individuals embrace bridge replacements for missing teeth, while a steadily increasing number of 3 million have chosen the transformative path of dental implants, and this number is expanding by 500,000 annually. With these two options being quite similar, it can be hard to understand the dental implants vs bridge comparison.  

In this article, we give a detailed difference between dental implants vs bridges, making it easy for you to get to know which option is right for you and which will be more beneficial to ease your problems.


Before choosing which option would be best for you, a thorough understanding of the purpose of these dental treatments should be known to find out which is suitable for you in the dental implants vs bridge choice. 

Implants are the perfect solution for those searching for a permanent and natural-looking remedy for tooth loss. Whether it’s a single missing tooth or multiple, with implants, you get a replacement that resembles the original teeth, making them suitable for those who want a long-term fix. Additionally, dental implants also contribute to stabilizing your jawbone structure by providing stability.

On the other hand, bridges are false teeth that close the gaps left by missing teeth to fix the smile imperfection. This is usually chosen by individuals who want a quick fix, and its stability is dependable on the nearby teeth as they act as anchors. 

Different Types

One of the greatest advantages you should consider when choosing a dental treatment is finding what variety of options they provide. In the case of dental implants vs bridge, both have several types that make the selection process quite easy. 

Dental implants have many different types, but there are two main ones based on position: ones that go directly into your jawbone (endosteal) and others that sit on top of the bone (subperiosteal).

Dental bridges also have a few types. The most common ones attach to nearby teeth (traditional bridges). If you only have one nearby tooth, there’s another type (cantilever bridges). There’s also a type supported by a metal or porcelain framework (Maryland bridges). So, in the tooth bridge vs implant comparison, both have types based on design and position, respectively. 

Treatment Process

An important factor that you should be aware of when comparing dental bridges vs implants is how these appliances are fixed and what the whole process is. It makes choosing one option much easier. 

In dental implants, firstly, a strong base is placed in the jawbone. After a little healing, an abutment, which is a connecter, is added. Finally, a custom-made crown is fixed on top. All of this process is done in a few dental visits. 

Dental bridges also have a step-wise process starting with the shaping of nearby teeth.  Then, impressions are taken to create a special bridge. While the final bridge is made, a temporary one is worn. Once ready, the dentist puts the permanent bridge in place, linking the natural teeth and completing the whole procedure. 

Treatment Time

Now that you know the procedure of both dental implants vs bridge, the total time duration should also be discussed to get an estimate of when you can expect the outcome. Dental bridges do not have a long procedure and it is usually done in two to three weeks. They need less time because the process is simpler and faster. Bridges are a great choice if you want a speedy solution to fix your smile.

However, it can take 3 to 6 months for the whole dental implant process to be done. The extra time is mostly for healing. After putting in the post, your jawbone will need time to adjust to it. This careful healing ensures a strong base for the final crown, creating a tooth replacement that lasts a long time, which is why you will have to wait for at least six months for the final results.

Cost Consideration

In the dental implants vs bridges comparison of costs, dental bridges are known to be the budget-friendly choice. The main reason is because of the complexity of the procedures. Dental bridges involve a simpler process, requiring less time and materials. On the other hand, dental implants demand more complex surgical steps and the use of high-quality materials like titanium and zinc, contributing to a higher cost.

So, in the dental implants vs bridge cost comparison, bridges are the ones that aren’t too pricey, but you should keep in mind that implants provide a more advantageous treatment, hence the high prices. 

Durability and Maintenance

The longevity of dental treatment is very important as it can totally change the prospect of which option to select, as one would always want its investment to last longer. Well, dental implants can last up to 15 years because of the base that supports the jawbone. 

Now, dental bridges are reliable, too, but they have a bit of a shorter run, usually around 5 to 7 years. This is because the bridge and the supporting teeth get a bit more wear and tear. In the dental implants vs bridges option. one can say that both are good choices, but implants will last longer.

Maintenance is important for both dental implants and bridges. Implants just need regular brushing, flossing, meal care, and check-ups, the same things you would do for your natural teeth. Bridges need the same care, with a bit of extra attention, to keep the supporting teeth and the bridge stable. 

So, when choosing between dental implants vs bridges, it is best to consider all these factors. For reliable dental implants in Montclair, NJ, you should go to the best experts for good service.

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