Why Am I Losing My Teeth In My 20s?

Why Am I Losing My Teeth In My 20s?

Losing teeth is a concept usually associated with older people. However, at times, young people can lose their teeth. It is often problematic for them, and they wonder, ‘Why am I losing my teeth in my 20s?” 

There can be various reasons for losing permanent teeth at a young age. We will discuss each cause in detail.

Why Am I Losing My Teeth In My 20s?

You might be losing your teeth because of your health issues or habits. The 20s is the time of life when one tries out unique lifestyles and experiments. Some of these are healthy, while others can be detrimental to your health, e.g., smoking. We will go through all the causes that might be the reason for your teeth suddenly falling out. 


Various habits can lead to tooth loss at an early age. These habits include:


Smoking is detrimental to health. It affects the gum and bone. The strength of bone to hold and grasp the tooth’s root decreases. As a result, the tooth becomes loose, and it can fall. In addition, it may also cause darkening of your oral cavity. Moreover, lips can also adopt a darker hue due to smoking. 

Smoking is also known to play a part in causing diseases like cancer and necrotizing sialometaplasia. Therefore, it is essential to discontinue this habit because its harmful effects are greater than the thrill it gives.


Vaping is similar to smoking. However, there is little research on its drawbacks. Nevertheless, vaping exposes smoke to tooth structure frequently, which can affect its integrity and result in tooth loss.

Acidic foods and beverages

Acid foods and drinks, such as alcohol, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, nicotine pouches, etc., can result in tooth loss. People often consume something sweet or tangy right after waking up, which harbors bacteria in the mouth. Moreover, consuming drinks frequently throughout the day affects the enamel structure, which is the outermost protective layer of the tooth. 

Enamel is known as one of the toughest materials in the body. When it is harmed, the underlying tooth structure is exposed. This results in chemical depletion, wear-off, and crumbling of the tooth structure.

Poor oral hygiene

You still might be wondering ‘Why am I losing my teeth in my 20s?’ Let’s answer it other way around: How would you rate your oral hygiene? Is it good, average, or poor? 

It is essential to note that just brushing once daily is insufficient to preserve and maintain your teeth for a lifetime. So, for optimal oral health:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily, once in the evening and once in the morning. 
  • Try to make a habit of flossing your teeth before brushing, as flossing the interdental area of the teeth prevents the development of caries.
  • Rinsing your mouth with lukewarm water with a pinch of salt.

Flossing your teeth after meals prevents the accumulation of food debris. Never brush your teeth immediately after eating anything sweet or salty. This might push the food particles within your gums and cause infections, resulting in tooth loss.

Teeth grinding or bruxism

Clenching and teeth grinding are habits that can harm tooth structure. Teeth become brittle and crumble. Patients grind their teeth consciously or subconsciously. Some people do it under stress, while others do it while sleeping. Seeking dental experts in Montclair, NJ, will help you cope with this issue to prevent further tooth loss. 

Health-Related Causes of Losing My Teeth in My 20s

The causes mentioned above are related to habits. Now, we will discuss the health-related issues that might cause your tooth loss at such an early age. 

Pregnant and nursing mothers

Many women complain that they had healthy teeth throughout their life, and suddenly, their teeth start falling during their pregnancy or while breastfeeding their child. During pregnancy, the mother provides nutrition for herself and her baby. If the nutritional requirements are not met, the organs and energy stores of the mother deplete over time. 


Teeth require calcium and other minerals for their sustenance, and so do bones. When the mother’s intake is not nutritious, it can lead to the removal of minerals from her body and eventually lead to tooth loss. 

In addition, pregnant mothers usually face the issue of bleeding gums. They also do not get sufficient time to maintain their optimal oral hygiene. Moreover, they also feel nauseous and experience vomiting and acid reflux. This exposes the teeth to excessive acid. Therefore, the cumulative effect is not good. 

Gum diseases

Gum diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis can also lead to tooth loss. Periodontitis has four stages depending upon the extent and severity of the damage to bone and teeth. It makes teeth mobile and non-restorable. According to statistics from the CDC, 47.2% of American adults 30 years of age and over have periodontal disease. These periodontal diseases increase with age. It grows up to 70.1% for 65 years and above citizens.

Trauma and accidents

Unforeseen circumstances are inevitable. A patient in their early 20s can fall or meet with an accident. Usually, accidents result in tooth damage, or teeth tend to fall out. If the tooth falls out as a whole (avulsion), it can be saved and reimplanted. However, sometimes teeth break and are non-restorable. In such cases, other treatments are available to restore a patient’s regular oral hygiene.

At What Age Do Adults Start Losing Teeth?

Adults generally start losing teeth after the age of 40. However, it depends upon your oral hygiene and health as well. Some people can maintain their teeth for longer. In contrast, others lose in their early teens especially patients with syndromes like Treacher-Collin syndrome.

Is It Normal to Lose Teeth in 20s?

No, it is not normal to lose your teeth in your 20s. You need to see a dentist and find out the reason for early tooth loss. Your concern, “Why am I losing my teeth in my 20s?” is valid and legitimate. Timely treatment will restore your smile and oral functions.


This article addresses your query, “Why Am I Losing My Teeth In My 20s?” in detail. To sum it up, losing teeth in your 20s can be problematic, but it has solutions. There can be multiple reasons for this. A dentist can dig in and find the appropriate treatment for tooth loss and help you live a wholesome life.


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