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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a particular area of dentistry designed to alleviate dental stress, anxiety, and phobia. At Dr. Yeh and Associates, our sedation dentists have undergone special training in sedating patients to assist them in feeling more comfortable during dental procedures.

Sleep Dentistry Doesn’t Necessarily Send You to Dreamland

Sometimes, sedation dentistry is referred to as “sleep dentistry.” However, this is a bit of a misnomer. Sedation dentists don’t force people to sleep. In fact, multiple conscious sedation options leave patients fully awake yet relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

This practice of sedation dentistry is beneficial for some patients who experience fear and anxiety related to visiting the dentist, as it can help lessen their stress levels and make receiving needed care easier. Sedation dentistry allows a patient’s experience with the dentist to be positive and relaxed, thus fostering better oral health outcomes over time. 

Dr. Yeh and Associates Offers Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Our sedation dentists base the type of dental sedation offered on individualized factors, like the goal of the procedure, patient anxiety, and length of the procedure. At Dr. Yeh and Associates, our sedation dentists offer two types of dental sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide is a gas composed of nitrogen and oxygen. It is inhaled through a mask and is easily adjusted. Generally, nitrous oxide dental sedation is often offered for brief, simple procedures because it wears off relatively quickly.
  • Oral conscious sedation is a prescription medication taken orally and digested. Generally, it is administered as a liquid or pill and is more potent than nitrous oxide.

Need More Information from a Conscious Sedation Dentist near Montclair, NJ?

Root canals are one of the most popular and least expensive endodontic treatments. Are you’re looking for a sleep sedation dentist near Nutley, Bloomfield, or surrounding areas, look no further. Book your next dental appointment at Dr. Yeh and Associates by calling (973) 338-9595 or messaging us online.

Additionally, feel free to read through our frequently asked questions about sleep dentistry (and make sure to write and down and bring your other questions to your next dental appointment at our Montclair, NJ, dental office): 

1. Is sedation dentistry safe?

In short, yes, adequately administered sedation dentistry is safe. At Dr. Yeh and Associates, our patients are closely monitored by sedation dentists and medically trained staff throughout sedation and treatment. With nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation, they are relaxed and informed enough to respond to verbal commands. By deeply calming people before their dental procedure, sedation dentistry provides those with dental anxiety an optimal treatment experience with fewer distractions.  

2. How much does sedation dentistry cost?

When considering any dental procedure, it’s natural to worry about the cost. Generally, nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation costs are affordable:

  •         Nitrous oxide dentistry costs between $25 and $100.
  •         Oral sedation can cost $150 to $500.

All things considered, some dental insurance companies cover the cost of sedation dentistry. So, please get in touch with your specific provider about your coverage to see if they cover costs associated with sedation dentistry.