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Smile Makeovers

Do you often find yourself hiding your smile or feeling insecure about the appearance of your teeth? If so, you’re not alone. At Dr. Yeh and Associates, our experienced cosmetic dentists can restore confidence to those concerned about their smiles and allow them to feel more comfortable in social situations through cosmetic dentistry practices, like smile makeovers.

More Than One-Third of Adults are Unhappy with their Smile

According to a study conducted by Wakefield Research, more than one-third of American adults are unhappy with their smiles. Fortunately, smile makeovers are a great option for transforming natural smiles – and it isn’t as expensive or complicated as one might think.


Whether you are looking to fix cosmetic flaws, create better alignment, or achieve sparkling white teeth, Dr. Yeh and Associates has the tools, expertise, and technology to help. Before officially starting a smile makeover, our cosmetic dentistry team ensures that the teeth and gums are in tip-top condition. We can start the smile makeover process if they are free of infection and disease. If not, we must address existing oral health problems, like tooth decay and gum disease.

After deciding that your smile is healthy enough to withstand and uphold cosmetic dentistry, the fun part is treatment planning. During smile makeovers, our team combines cosmetic dentistry procedures to deliver the ultimate results, including:  

Some cosmetic dentistry patients who’ve undergone dental work are unsatisfied with their results or want to re-do their smile makeovers. Digital smile design software is one feature we use to help patients envision their smile makeover results and improve communication. This technology takes your oral anatomy and facial features to render an image of your results after the smile makeover.

Are you interested in a smile makeover near Montclair, NJ?

Are you ready to make a real impact on your life? Consider investing in a smile makeover. Complete smile makeovers can have a major positive effect on your self-esteem, boost your confidence, and give you an entirely new outlook.

Transform yourself with the latest advancements in dental technology and get the radiant smile of your dreams today. If you’re looking for a smile makeover dentist near Nutley, Bloomfield, or surrounding areas, look no further. Book your next dental appointment at Dr. Yeh and Associates by calling (973) 338-9595 or messaging us online.

Additionally, feel free to read through our frequently asked questions about smile makeovers (and make sure to write down and bring your other questions to your next dental appointment at our Montclair, NJ, dental office): 

1. Are smile makeovers painful?

In short, cosmetic dentistry procedures and smile makeovers should not hurt. We take measures to ensure that our patients feel comfortable.

2. Does insurance cover smile makeovers?

Typically, dental insurance does not cover cosmetic dentistry. Nevertheless, some dental plans might cover partial costs of a smile makeover if the primary purpose of the procedure is to repair structural issues. For instance, ceramic dental crowns are aesthetically pleasing but are primarily used to restore severely damaged or decayed teeth.