Veneers vs Braces | Which to Use and Why?

Veneers vs Braces | Which to Use and Why?

Are you confused about whether to choose veneers or braces? Want to have a clear view of veneers vs braces before investing in one dental treatment? With over four million Americans opting for braces and 600,000 choosing veneers yearly, the decision to select an option is no easy feat. In this article, we explore the difference between veneers vs braces, which will help you toward the best option according to your specific situation.

Different Functions

Veneers are custom-designed cosmetic shields that mainly address appearance issues like discoloration, chips, or irregular shapes. They are perfect for anyone who wants to fix their smile quickly.

On the other hand, braces are used for the sole purpose of straightening and aligning teeth. They are no doubt used for improving one’s smile but mostly for fixing misaligned bites, crowded teeth, or noticeable gaps. So, when choosing veneers vs braces for gaps, you should consider braces if you have large gaps. Also, if you are suffering from severe teeth issues, then braces would be more suitable in the veneers vs braces comparison. 

Aesthetic Consideration

If you are all about aesthetics, then veneers would be your go-to option in the veneers vs braces selection. These thin sheet-like options are almost invisible and offer the freedom to choose the perfect shade, shape, and size for your teeth. With veneers, you are guaranteed to get a beautiful, flashy smile in no time. 

Now, for braces, you won’t have as many aesthetic options as veneers offer. The traditional braces consist of metallic wires and brackets that are quite revealing and can make a person conscious of their looks. 

The bands do make these braces aesthetic with the different color options that you can change whenever you have a tightening appointment, but still, some factors, such as band staining and visibility, do make it slightly disadvantageous when compared to veneers. 

Treatment Procedure

Getting veneers isn’t a complex procedure. First, the dentists will prepare your teeth by removing a tiny bit of enamel if it is needed before the application of veneers. Then, they will take impressions of your teeth for molds to create customized veneers. On your next visit, the dentist will bond them to your teeth; that will be it; your teeth will instantly be transformed.

If we compare veneers vs braces, the braces procedure can be complex based on your case. The general process is attaching small brackets on each tooth after a thorough cleaning. Then, the metallic wires are passed through each bracket. Bands will then be attached to keep the wires firm and to help them add pressure to your teeth. 

So, in the veneers vs braces option, you should consider how the dental appliances will be fitted to avoid any surprises after selecting one treatment. 

Treatment Time

When considering the best option between veneers vs braces, you should be aware of the time period for both treatment procedures. Now, for veneers, the whole process usually takes about one to three weeks. Most of this time goes into customizing your veneers to fit your teeth perfectly. Once that’s done, it only takes a short visit to the dentist to have them bonded to your teeth. So, you can get a stunning smile in no time with veneers.

But for braces, the time period is an extensive wait. The journey with braces can last from 6 months to three years, depending on your teeth and the plan your orthodontist sets. This is because the wire puts a gentle pressure and adjusts the teeth slowly, followed by different placements during the treatment routine. 

Various Types

The most important factor when deciding on a dental treatment is the different options that each one provides. In the veneers vs braces comparison, you should know the various types that are offered to make a clear choice. 

With veneers, you have different choices, but the most commonly used are the porcelain and composite varieties. Porcelain veneers are the highest quality materials and are known for giving off a natural appearance. The composite veneers are standard-quality shells that are directly applied in a single visit.

Braces also have a few options. The traditional ones with metallic wires are the ones used frequently. But with the modernization of technology, clear braces have also entered the market, which gives the advantage of a subtle appearance. So, in both cases, you have the option of choosing from different varieties. 


When it comes to cost, veneers generally fall on the higher end compared to braces. Veneers, with their custom design and quality materials, come with a higher cost. However, if you’re keeping an eye on your budget, you can choose the composite veneers as they are more economical than the porcelain ones. 

Braces are generally considered a cost-effective choice when comparing the veneers vs braces cost, and they also provide various options to fit different budgets. So, you do have the choice to choose according to your wallet, but braces would still be significantly lower than veneers.


During the selection of braces vs veneers, you should check out how durable the dental appliance is. Veneers, especially the porcelain variety, boast impressive durability, with some lasting up to 10 to 20 years. They stand strong against daily wear and tear, providing a long-lasting enhancement to your smile. 

But braces are prone to breakages. The wires or brackets may need fixing, especially if you munch on something too hard. The good news is that these issues are easily addressed during your regular monthly visits to the dentist, where adjustments and tightenings keep your braces in top-notch shape.

Still, if comparing the durability, veneers have the upper hand and can even last a lifetime if you prioritize your oral health.

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